Get involved, Volunteer...

Get even closer to the Action. Become a Rally Marshal.

What is the next best thing, if you cannot compete as a rally driver or Navigator? Become a volunteer! The best way to get closer to the action, fast cars and yes, the Rally Teams is to join as a Rally Marshal. Why you would ask? It’s easy, it’s fun and you become a member of a family of absolute “Petrol Heads”!

What do Marshals do?

Well, let’s start with a variety of things. Without Marshals on rallies, or any other form of motorsport event, it wouldn’t be possible. Marshals are responsible for a whole range of duties. Rally is a race against the clock and marshals play a major role in the operation of stage starts and finish controls, managing service parks and ensuring safe spectator management.

You do not need any formal qualifications but once you get started there’s the opportunity to learn a whole range of skills such as vehicle recovery, first-aid or fire fighting. If the administration side of things appeals then there’s always lots of roles at rally headquarters that need filling.

Whichever role appeals to you, your presence will be welcomed and appreciated. As a marshal, you will be amongst other enthusiasts who enjoy motorsport and an interesting and enjoyable social life.

Marshalling is a serious role. As we all know that motorsport is dangerous and unfortunately but inevitably accidents do happen. By being in the right place at the right time and having had the right training you could save someone’s life.

Joining a motorsport club in your area is also a great way of getting involved. If any of this appeals to you, then the best way to become a part of the action is to join without delay and get involved.

Minimum Requirements

In general terms, Volunteers are welcome at the age of 16. Motorsport offers ‘equal opportunities’ at all levels, although there are a few legal exemptions, including certain competitor disabilities and minimum ages for both competing and officiating.

If you already have special skills – technical, mechanical, rescue, vehicle recovery, medical, first aid or administration – you may wish to use them as a volunteer in motorsport.

Safety is paramount on any motorsport event now, and as such the Motorsport SA requires all marshals to be registered and for them to have undertaken a training course. In the meantime, you can still enrol to marshal on an event and gain first-Hand experience.

Becoming a marshal or Rally official is Voluntary. We do not offer permanent employment. Event organizers do pay your expenses to work on an event.

Please contact us if you need more information. !! Hope to welcome you to the Rally Officials corps soon