3 August 2020

NRC 2020 Newsletter 3

In March 2020 we were only days away from our first National Rally and what promised to be an exciting year ahead for the entire NRC family, when the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent “Lockdowns” which have thrown our lives into turmoil and brought all our plans for the year to an abrupt end!

Since then the NRC Steering Committee has continued to work on our long term plans to ensure future growth, while working on several possible scenarios for 2020 to ensure that we can be in a position to host events and a championship once the conditions around Covid-19 would allow us to proceed.

  1. In recent weeks the following positive developments have taken place:
    • Permission to resume sporting activities was granted to MSA.

Please see attached letter received by MSA from the Minister of Sport dated 15 July 2020, which allows the resumption of motorsport by MSA during the current Level 3 Lockdown Regulations, although under strict conditions which must be implemented. We would like to remind all involved that any controlling body, club or promotor who may be hosting events, without having received written permission from the Minister of Sport to resume activities, are doing so illegally. We urge all competitors not to enter such events, seeing as the negative fallout that may occur can be to everybody’s detriment, if and when the authorities decide to clamp down on motorsport in general because of it (we all saw what happened with the ban on alcohol sales being reinstated).

  • Easing of restrictions on travel and accommodation.

With these restrictions being eased, we will now be allowed to travel between provinces (with the correct permission/permit for sporting activities). Hotels and B&B’s are also allowed to re-open, so although we will still have logistical complications with flights, airports etc, we will now be able to travel to events away from home as well as stay over if required.

  • Results of Competitors Survey.

We thank all competitors who took part in a recent online survey regarding the 2020 season and we take note of all the concerns raised as well as suggestions made. With only 13.89% of the respondents indicating that we should not proceed with a National Championship, it does mean that a majority of competitors would like the NRC to proceed in some form or another in 2020. Another key-indicator was 89.47% of competitors who indicated that their cars were “race ready”.

  1. Considering the above and after consultation with various event organisers and regional representatives, the NRC Steering Committee has come up with the following calendar and format for a shortened championship in 2020.
    • Calendar

11 – 12 September, Secunda (NRC and NR Round 1 and 2)

17 October, Venue TBA (NRC and NR Round 3)

27 – 28 November, Trac N4 Rally, Dullstroom (NRC and NR Round 4 and 5)

2.2.1 For the two “Double Round” events, the following will apply:

2.2 Format for Events and Championship

  • Each Day / Round will consist of +/- 80 to 100 stage kilometres.
  • Each Day / Round will be scored separately.
  • Stages used on Day 1 will not be repeated on Day 2.

2.2.2 All five Rounds will count towards the NRC (no dropped points).

2.2.3 For the Northern Regions Championship only the best four results will count.

2.2.4 To abide by government regulations, competitors who have not completed and submitted the following will not be able to enter the venue of the day or start the rally:

  • Completed Entry Form, signed by both crew members
  • Entry Fee paid in full
  • Submitted copies of valid MSA Competition Licenses
  • Completed Medical Information Form
  • MSA Travel Guide Personal Declaration Form
  • MSA Attendance Register Questionnaire Indemnity
  • MSA Daily Screening Questionnaire
  • Self-Scrutineering Form with a signed declaration by a crew member

 2.2.5 Rally specific Covid-19 Prevention Measures will be published in the Event Regulations.

We know that we are all facing challenging times at the moment, but trust that the measures are taken to condense the calendar into three week-ends to reduce costs and time away from work will enable most of our competitors to support the entire Championship.

With the action set to resume soon, we will be communicating on a more regular basis to keep all stakeholders informed regarding the NRC 2020. In the meantime, please get your cars and teams ready for an exciting championship and feel free to contact us for further assistance and information.


Kind regards,


NRC Steering Committee