National Rally Championship 2020 – Newsletter 2

The start of a new era in National Rallying is around the corner, with the introduction of radical new regulations in 2020, which will see cars in all classes competing for the ultimate glory of being crowned National Champions! From the old to the new, from 4wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, we invite everybody to come and enjoy our great sport, in what promises to be the most fiercely competitive championship in many years.

With just over two weeks to go before the first event, we would like to share the following with competitors and the motorsport public:

2020 Regulations

The sport is heading in a new direction and we are focussing on the current reality and on how we want to grow rallying into the future. One of the crucial initial steps were to perform some serious surgery to the Regulations, which have become very cumbersome over the years. This mammoth task was undertaken by a small group of volunteers, which has caused a major delay in the publication of the 2020 Regulations, but we needed this drastic action to get off on the right foot! The NRC would like to thank Wammy Haddad and William Louw for their commitment and effort in steering this process.

A draft of the new regulations was submitted to MSA for approval, which we should receive within the next few days. Once we get the green-light, we will publish the regulations onto all platforms without delay. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

NTT Toyota Delmas Rally – 27 & 28 March

We are excited by the way this event is shaping up. The organizing team from SCC East Rand, the Delmas Community, and the NRC are putting in a huge effort to bring you a fantastic rally and an unforgettable experience:

  • With Rally HQ and Service Park moved to NTT Delmas Toyota for this year, we can expect better exposure and publicity for the rally as well as our partners and sponsors.
  • The route will be compact with open sections totaling approximately 250km.
  • Stages will be run consecutively (with service in between) to improve spectator value and experience. We invite the public to turn out in great numbers, to experience our exhilarating sport with family and friends, a braai, and a cooler box.
  • Most of the stages are new, totaling around 150km, it promises to provide a great battleground for all competitors to enjoy and do their best.

The MSA Permit for the rally has been issued. The Regulations will be posted soon, with Online Entries opening straight afterward.

MRF Tyres – 2020 Control Tyre

As mentioned in Newsletter 1 for 2020, we have entered a new and exciting partnership with MRF Tyres, with their support ensuring better financial stability and promising a brighter future for the NRC.

Although there has been a delay during the shipping of the first container of tyres from India, the supplier has confirmed that the shipment will arrive before the Delmas Rally and that sufficient stock will be available to meet the demand for the rest of the year. The available sizes and prices are as follows:


  • 185/65-14 R 1 840.00 each incl. VAT
  • 185/65-15 R 1 995.25 each incl. VAT
  • 205/65-15 R 2 498.75 each incl. VAT

(The above prices are valid while stocks last. Future shipments will be costed at landed ZAR / USD Exchange Rate and will be published upon arrival.)

Please contact Kobus Roos at Rally Technic to place your orders for the Delmas Rally. His contact details are, E-mail or Mobile 082 905 9172

Regional Rallying

Having created a broader platform, with more competitors able to compete for national honors, we also need to intensify our efforts to grow the sport at a grassroots level around the country. Having three shared events in 2020, where the Northern Regions (NR) Championship will run together with the NRC events, we have decided to work closely with the NR Committee; by helping to improve the NR Competitor’s experience and decreasing their costs where possible. The long term goal is to attract more competitors into rallying at an affordable cost level, with sufficient entry numbers to make the events sustainable.

Some of the exciting developments in the NR Championship for 2020:

  • The NR Rally Committee will offer a “Two for One Special” for NR teams when they take out their MSA Licenses for 2020. Driver and Co-Driver applying together will be able to save 50% on the normal license fee. The total cost per team for their 2020 licenses will, therefore, be as follows:
    • 1 x Standard Regional License Fee                  R 1 250.00
    • 2 x R 50K Medical Insurance @ R 565 each R 1 130.00

Total cost per Team                                                               R 2 380.00

Cost per Competitor (R 2 380 x 2)                                      R 1 190.00

Interested competitors can contact William Louw, E-mail or Mobile 072 183 0744, for more information.

  • The Entry Fees for NR Rallies running with NRC events will be only R500 per car.
  • The NRC and Motorsport Technic are collaborating to establish a “Tyre Bank” for the distribution of used MRF Tyres. Motorsport Technic will “buy back” usable/good condition second-hand tyres, by passing a credit note which can be used when purchasing new tyres.

The used tyres will then be available from Motorsport Technic’s shop at Unit 6, 17 Landmarks Avenue, Kosmosdal, Centurion. This will create a one-stop location where competitors will be able to buy good used tyres at a fair and controlled price. We urge all National competitors to also take advantage of this opportunity to give something back.

We would also like to ask competitors with old rally gear like gloves, shoes, balaclavas, race-suits, etc, to donate items no longer used to our “Clothing Bank”. You can do this by sending the details including sizes of the items available for donation to William Louw, who will add it to a register of items that can be distributed to new competitors starting out. Once we have some items to offer, we will distribute the list regularly and competitors with valid MSA Licenses will be able to apply for assistance through this initiative.

  • The NRC will make a greater effort to ensure that Regional Competitors are made to feel welcome and that they are properly catered for in all aspects of the organization. Considering that some of the Regional Competitors will be young/inexperienced crews still finding their feet in the sport, we will also ensure that there is Senior Official at each event tasked with looking after and guiding Regional Competitors where required. The name of the appointed “Regional Representative” will be communicated before the start of the event.


It’s been too long since we had our last chance to compete in 2019 and we know everybody cannot wait for their first Stage Countdown to begin. We look forward to seeing all of you competing in Delmas and to making this a year to remember.

Until next time,


NRC Steering Committee