Ermelo National Rally & Motorshow 2018 is a unique proposition. For the first time, a round
of the South African Rally Championship is to be hosted in tandem with a fully-fledged
Motorshow festival. Together these are set to unleash a simply unmatched ‘petrol-head’
extravaganza on this thriving Mpumalanga community between 25 and 27 October 2018.
As the ceremonial and now title deciding final event of the 2018 SA National Rally calendar,
this inaugural initiative is hopeful of becoming a regular fixture from 2019. However,
organisers are confident that the fresh approach to this experience will become a hallmark of
the championship, for years to come…
At the centre of it all is the Ermelo Showgrounds. The Motorshow element not only
represents the centralisation of the rally (central service point) for onlookers, but is designed
to be an entertainment festival for attendees of all ages. Exciting exhibitions, food and
beverage stalls, stage musicians, demonstrations and an entertainment park are only some
of the enticing drawcards.
General high-spirited approval of our bid towards hosting an excitingly successful Ermelo
National Rally & Motor Show 2018 is somewhat unsurprising, considering the area’s rich 35-
year long history with rallying. The fact is that over the years, Ermelo has played host to
some of the most prestigious International rally events that South Africa has ever seen.
For this reason, it is unmistakable. There is a definitive nostalgic sentiment towards the
prolific heritage of rallying in and around Ermelo. As such, its return to the area after a
decade of absence saw the event organisers’ first official introduction to local businesses
meet with nothing less than an energetic and determined reaction. And as word of its return
spreads, general enthusiastic anticipation has simply exploded.
Now that we’ve officially broken into the month of October, the Ermelo National Rally &
Motorshow 2018 draws tantalisingly close. With the fresh and exciting approach of
combining the rally and motorshow extravaganza elements, every single partaker is
encouraged to discover and choose which of the multitude of entertainment options
specifically appeal to them.
Ermelo National Rally & Motorshow 2018, 25-27 October – miss it, miss out!
Let’s go rallying! @ermelorally #ermeloislekker